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Q : On which sides do I put the plates?
A : All corners must touch the door frame, except the rounded one.

Q : What do I do if I want to open the door completely?
A : Take off the plate that blocks it. It’s usually the one inside.

Q : My screen door doesn’t close completely now. What do I do?
A : Re-stick the Velcro® a bit away from the edge of the frame.

Q : I have an embossed door frame which prevents the Velcro® to lay flat. What should I do?
A : Go to the Instruction page, at section “Installation on an embossed door frame”.

Q : How can I prevent people from steeling my plates?
A : Remove them and put them inside. Don’t forget to lock the door!

Q : How can I prevent my pet from usin the Smart Slider™?
A : Once it knows how to use it, it’s too late. Send us the video!

Q : At what stores can I buy it?
A : None for now.

Q : Do you have other colours?
A : Not for now. Use PVC paint like Krylon.

Q : Is this device recyclable?
A : The plates, Yes. The Velcro®, no.

Q : How can I return it?
A : Mail it back to us. We will refund you what you have paid.

If you have other questions, contact us. See below.