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Press review

Article in Barbecue Bible. Perfect for when your hands are full of grill tools and platters of barbecue
Article in the Gadgeteer Zoupet is a genius gadget that gives you handsfree access to your patio door
Article in Idea Connection. A door handle to open and close a patio screen door with your foo
Article in Pinterest. Device to open and close a patio screen door with a foot
Article in One Smiley Monkey. A door handle for those with an active patio life.


A quick note to tell you how your invention is great! We installed it the day we received 35 people for a garden party. They all found it so cool and convenient. I can’t go without it anymore! Congratulations! Sylvie L. Lévis, QC, Canada

Since I’ve got one, I can’t go without it! Can you imagine? I waited a whole week before installing it… and I had guests during that time. I finally installed it in less than 5 minutes, just before receiving my family. I should have bought it earlier. Everybody wants it now. Serge H. Mercier, QC, Canada

Why didn’t I think of it before? That’s what I tell myself everyday. It’s so handy! Not only when I have my hands full, but also when they are dirty, sticky or greasy. That’s happening a lot when cooking, gardening or tinkering. I’ve bought some more as gifts for friends. Luc A. Mille-Isles, QC, Canada