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Confidentiality : We share your information with nobody. Never.

Returns: Ship it back to us and we will give you back what you have paid.

Space: The plates were designed to prevent a full door opening. If need be, tear off the plate that blocks the opening.

Theft: Tear off the plates and put them inside. We are not responsible for stolen plates.

Snow and ice: Tear off the plates before snow or ice to prevent blocking the door opening. We are not responsible of the consequences of any screen door stuck under snow, ice or any other obstacles.

Children and animals: Tear off the plates if you don’t want young children or animals to use it. We are not responsible of the consequences of the use of a Smart Slider™ by a child or animal.

Health: Do not use the Smart Slider™ if you have balance challenges. Do not try to use the Smart Slider™ with a cane, a crutch, a walker or any other devices.

Responsibility: We are not responsible for breakage, accidents or injuries caused by the use of a Smart Slider™. You must install it on both sides to protect your screen. Make sure that the Smart Slider™ does not significantly touch your screen when you’re using it.

Note : This web site is managed by Eric Gagnon, president of Logiscope Inc.